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Whn mupiocin sistanc occus, it sults om th poduction a modiid isolucyl-tNA synthtas, th acquisition o, by gntic tans, a plasmid mdiating a nw nimotop generic isolucyl-tNA synthtas. High-lvl plasmid-mdiatd sistanc (MIC ? 512 mcg/mL) has bn potd in incasing numbs isolats S. auus and with high quncy in coagulas-ngativ staphylococci. Mupiocin sistanc occus with gat quncy in mthicillin-sistant than mthicillin-suscptibl staphylococci.

Bactoban is a topical antibactial agnt, activ against thos oganisms sponsibl th majoity skin inctions, .g. Staphylococcus auus , including mthicillin-sistant stains, oth staphylococci, stptococci. It is alsactiv against Gam-ngativ oganisms such as schichia coli and Hamophilus inlunza . Bactoban Ointmnt is usd skin inctions, .g. imptigo, olliculitis, uunculosis.

Application 14 C-labld mupiocin ointmnt tth low am nomal mal subjcts ollowd by occlusion 24 hous showd nmasuabl systmic absoption (lss than 1.1 nanogam mupiocin p millilit whol blood). Masuabl adioactivity was psnt in th statum conum ths subjcts 72 hous at application.

Th ollowing local advs actions w potd by at last 1% subjcts in connction with th us BACTOBAN ointmnt in clinical tials: buning, stinging, pain in 1.5% subjcts; itching in 1% subjcts. ash, nausa, ythma, dy skin, tndnss, swlling, contact dmatitis, and incasd xudat w potd in lss than 1% subjcts.

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if you experience any of the following while you are taking beconase aqueous nasal spray, tell your doctor as soon as possible.